What We Believe

Collaborative planning

Too often, financial planning is reduced to a single event culminating in a massive report of information, at times focused more on the creation of a plan than you. This can be overwhelming and often leads to little productive action toward life’s most important outcomes. We see things differently and listen to determine the next best step. Whether you need to address a single issue of immediate importance or develop a fully integrated plan over a longer time frame, we let you set the pace—allowing things to progress naturally and ultimately helping you define your vision, understand where you are and what is possible, and find the efficiencies to enhance the usefulness, enjoyment, and impact of your wealth.

Behavior drives outcomes

We live in a culture infatuated with selection and timing, but there’s no evidence of the persistence of performance. The predominant factor in long-term, real-life financial outcomes is our own behavior. Human nature tempts us to focus on the wrong things, leading us to react to current circumstances. Collaborative planning allows us to remain focused proactively on executing when it’s most important.

Fiduciary standard

Clients are best-served by a fiduciary who provides advice based solely on the client’s best interest. This type of relationship is available through our advisory services.


Financial plans often end up being one dimensional depending on the focus of the practitioner creating the plan. Integrating the relevant facets (e.g., credit, investment, risk, tax) of your life reduces/eliminates gaps and overlaps while creating leverage, increasing efficiency and inspiring confidence.

Protecting purchasing power

Money has little value if we’re unable to purchase what we need. Too much focus is placed on the preservation of capital as opposed to protecting the purchasing power of that capital. We must always consider investments that have best enhanced our purchasing power.

Pursuit of perfect mutual trust

The only sustainable basis for a successful advisor-client relationship is perfect mutual trust. We earn this trust through time and experience together—listening, clarifying, educating, and helping you to take the next step toward your most important outcomes in life.

Unique value of owning companies

Human ingenuity has had, and will have, significant improvement in our lives. Investing in stocks, the partial ownership of great companies, is a way to align ourselves with the most talented and innovative people this world has to offer. Historically, long term returns from investing have been superior to lending.

Volatility doesn’t equal risk

Historically, the superior long-term return of stocks is directly correlated to their greater volatility, and, without it, we wouldn’t achieve the growth we need. However, historical declines have been temporary as volatility passes.

No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.